Georgetown Animal Services

Senior Animal Adoptions

The Georgetown Animal Shelter sees a lot of broken hearts, and it’s usually older animals who, though they’ve lost their youthful appearance, still want nothing more than a family to love them.

Older animals are brought to the shelter for a variety of reasons, but they are much more likely to be passed over when a family comes in to look for a new pet. Most older animals would be happy to have a new home, yet many do not get readily adopted.

Senior to Senior Program

Recognizing the need for older animals to find good homes, the shelter started Senior to Senior. This program has two components. First, it allows senior citizens (65 or older) to adopt senior animals at no charge. Second, the program encourages non-seniors to consider older animals by reducing the adoption fee to $25.  Cats and dogs are considered senior if they are 7 years old.

Often, people are looking for a calm pet, and senior animals just want a quiet home to spend their golden years and a warm lap and friendly face to love them back. Sun City residents and Shelter volunteers, Curt and Mo R. (pictured at right) adopted one such “senior” animal, Teddy, an Australian Cattle Dog. Curt said at the time,

“Teddy is just the perfect pet.  He is my constant companion, and I can’t believe how much joy he has brought to our lives. My wife and I are crazy about him, and he seems as equally happy.”


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