Georgetown Animal Services


A family gets a healthy, playful puppy and it soon grows into a large, active dog. The children lose interest and the parents can’t be bothered. The dog ends up on a 4-foot chain in the back yard.

The dog is fed table scraps when anyone remembers. In summer, no one thinks to give it water, and it has no shade. In bad weather, it has no shelter. Sometimes, it’s left for days at a time.

The dog is never walked, never exercised. Eventually, it’s never even noticed.

Alone day after day, the dog becomes bored and frustrated. It barks, and neighbors complain. Passing children tease and annoy it. Because it has nothing to do, it becomes listless…and then aggressive. Finally, it is given away to the local animal shelter.

And the next day, the children start begging for a puppy.

This kind of pet ownership is cruel and irresponsible. Make your pet a part of the family—for everyone’s sake.

If your neighbor’s dog is chained and is suffering, please call your local animal shelter.

Leaving an animal without proper shelter, food or water is a crime.

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