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Found Baby Kittens?

Where’s Mom?

Have you ever found a litter of kittens without mama cat around? The shelter is often overcrowded during kitten season with litters that the public finds wandering the streets, or surrendered by families with intact female cats that give birth and have no room for babies. While the shelter is happy to take in these animals in need, it is important to keep mom with babies and for the shelter to have reliable foster parents on standby.

Here are some helpful ways to ensure these kittens survive and make it to happy homes.

1. APPLY TO BECOME A FOSTER PARENT! Foster families are our most valuable asset to getting these kittens healthy and ready for adoption.

2. Contact the shelter at 512-930-3592 before catching kittens! More than half the time, mom will return for her babies if they are left in place.  If the kittens are removed, it will be hard to catch mom.  It is crucial that the shelter has mom if possible. Without mom, kittens often require bottle feeding, which is not always possible for the shelter to provide. Animal Control can work with you to get mom and babies into the shelter.

3. Spay and neuter your Outdoor & Indoor/Outdoor Cats! Female cats continuously come in and out of heat, and spaying is often available through low-cost facilities or even occasional free clinics.

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