Georgetown Animal Services

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Other ways to Donate

Some animals come to the Shelter injured by cars, diseased, or horribly abused. The Shelter uses your donations to pay for surgeries, medicines and care that otherwise are not part of the Shelter’s budget or abilities. Without your donations, these animals would not be given a second chance to live a long, happy life.

You can help the homeless or displaced animals of Georgetown in a variety of ways!

  • Make a cash donation for the shelter to use for animal welfare.  The shelter collects donations to help support a number of programs not covered under the City budget. Monetary donations are tax deductible.
  • Order items from our Amazon wish list.
  • Donate a discounted Kuranda bed for a dog or cat at the shelter.  Simply go to, and designate The City of Georgetown Animal Shelter for your donation.
  • Bring your aluminum cans to the shelter, which turns them in to the recycling center for cash.
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