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Georgetown Animal Services


All dogs and cats living in Georgetown are required to be licensed each year through Animal Services. You can get a ticket and be fined for failing to license your dogs and cats.

This is not the same thing as a Rabies Vaccination tag, but a separate tag and certificate. Since Animal Services does not have access to the records of Veterinarians, licensing is the only practical way for Animal Services to enforce Rabies Vaccination requirements which are necessary to keep the deadly disease of Rabies under control.

One of the many benefits of a pet license tag on the collar of your cat or dog is twenty four hour a day, seven day a week identification of the pet in case it is picked up by Animal Services, especially if the pet has been seriously injured. Hit by a car, for example. It can easily mean the difference between life and death for the pet if Animal Services personnel can quickly locate the pet’s owner.

Another benefit, City Code requires identified pets to be held at the Animal Shelter for 7 days for the owner to claim the pet. After only 72 hours, an unidentified pet can be placed into a new home or humanely killed. Most local Veterinary offices sell City Pet Licenses.

The major requirement for getting a Pet licensed is to have proof of a current Rabies Vaccination. Seniors (age 65 and older) can receive one free pet license for a cat or dog that has been altered so that it cannot reproduce.

Spayed/neutered pets, pets that have been altered so that they cannot reproduce, are licensed at a discounted rate. Dog, Cat License rates per year: Altered (spayed/neutered) $5 Unaltered $20. Licenses can be purchased or renewed through the mail, at most local Veterinary Clinics and at the Animal Shelter.

A Pet License is a Free Ride Home: a pet is given one free ride during the year the license is valid. This may be an actual ride to be delivered home by an Animal Control Officer if this is practical, or it may simply mean that no impoundment fees will be charged to the owner when the owner claims their pet from the Animal Shelter.

Residents that have more than 5 pets (cats and/or dogs) are also required to purchase a multiple pet permit for $25.  To qualify, all dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered and have current rabies vaccinations and pet licenses.  Permits are valid for one year and require a home inspection by Animal Control.  To read the ordinance, go to, and then read Chapter 7, Sec 7.02.030 Multi pet permit: requirements.

If you are not sure if you live in the City limits or not, you check here:

City License Applications:

Print out and mail in this completed form and a photocopy of the animal’s rabies vaccination certificate. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

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If you are outside of the City Limits, you do not require a City of Georgetown license for your pet. However, you may be required to register your pet within the jurisdiction you live in – whether county or another city. Licenses for those that reside in Williamson County (outside of any city limits) can be purchased at some of the local veterinarians offices or at the Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter, 1855 South East Inner Loop, Georgetown, Texas. For more information about county licenses, see

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