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Lost Pets

If you are missing a dog or cat, please check our lost pets website.  You can email the shelter at to submit a lost animal report, including:

  • a description of the pet (species, breed, gender, microchip, distinguishing marks),
  • when and where the animal was last seen,
  • your contact information, and
  • a photo if possible.

You may also visit the shelter or call 512-930-3592.

If you live near the city limits, or in one of the surrounding communities, you should contact Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter or visit their lost pet section online.

In addition to contacting the shelter(s), consider posting on local Facebook pages such as Lost Pets of Georgetown TX.  Many people find Next Door to be helpful in posting lost and found pets.  Next Door is a website, and phone app, that lets you communicate with people in your neighborhood.

This article offers some valuable insight into the behavior of cats and dogs when they are lost or displaced and suggests you should not assume an old animal “went off to die” or that “someone stole your dog” and tells you the most successful ways of finding lost pets.

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