Fosters Needed!

Short-Term Fosters Needed! We have no space for incoming dogs. ⛔ It feels like a crisis, but maybe that’s because we’re surrounded by it, day in and day out. We have been housing 45-50 dogs in space designed for 37 for months. Without your help, we cannot continue to save all the pets who enter our doors. 🙏
👉 👉 Email or stop by during open hours, and we will find a dog that matches your household.
There was such a great response to our plea for emergency fosters last month. During the two-week period in August when the shelter was managing a distemper scare, the Georgetown pet-loving community stepped up to foster, and it freed up valuable space. Thank you!! Seven of the eight fostered dogs were adopted during that time.
We know there is competition for your attention and your help among all the worthy causes in this world. We ask that you consider helping your local animal shelter by fostering – or adopting, of course.
Take a dog for a few weeks. It will help the dog by giving him a break from the shelter, and you can provide great insight into what kind of home he needs. It will us greatly by freeing up a kennel and potentially saving a life.
Pictured here are the dogs that have been here the longest, but you can see all available dogs here.

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