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Obedience Training for Shelter Dogs

“Sit.” “Wait.” “Watch.” And then moving on with “Down.” Those few simple lessons, coupled with lots of practice on loose leash walking, can help a dog become adoptable and find a home! While the volunteers and staff of the Georgetown Animal Shelter had been informally working on many of these lessons,  in 2011 we decided to be more proactive by getting some training ourselves. Now we have a consistent group of dog walkers and trainers who are making great progress with the dogs on a daily basis at the shelter. On a good day, you can walk up and down the adoptable dog runs asking them to “Sit” and “Watch,” and every last one of the dogs will go to work!

That’s part of the idea that Tara Stermer (our trainer who operates Training by Tara in Austin) taught us. If you can get the dogs to think and to work, they will be much calmer, much happier, and so much more adoptable! And for adopters, we are glad to show you the basics so your new pet’s mind can keep on working.

Watch this 6-minute video to see dogs and volunteers learning about the Working Mind Program: