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Foster Program

Foster program for dogs:  Many times during the year our animal shelter will get in a dog that needs a little extra care for one reason or another, and that’s when we need foster homes.

For example:

  • A dog with a broken leg
  • A dog that is undergoing heartworm treatment
  • A dog that is extremely fearful or timid
  • A dog that has just delivered a litter of pups
  • A dog that has been in the shelter too long and is losing its mental health


Foster program for cats:  Since most cats are born in the spring or summer, animal shelters go from not having that many cats to having 100’s of cats in a very short time. Many of the cats/kittens we get in are not old enough (or weigh enough) to be spayed/neutered, and therefore we need them to be fostered to give them time to grow.

Fostering is the perfect option for the person that doesn’t want a full time pet (maybe because you travel often) but might like to have a pet for short periods of time (possibly 1-3 months).

To learn more about our foster program, please contact the shelter @ 512-930-3592.

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