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Barn Cats

Every month, cats come to the Georgetown Animal Shelter that are not adoptable as indoor house pets because they are somewhat wild. But a semi-feral cat can find a happy second life on a farm or ranch.

Georgetown Animal Shelter is offering free barn cats to anyone with a farm or ranch who would like some help with rodent control. The cats will be spayed or neutered and given their rabies vaccination.

Semi-feral is a term used to describe animals that are not completely socialized to humans. Because of this, these cats are not meant as house pets, but can live a productive life earning their keep by providing their owners with very effective pest control.

“Though these cats have not been fully socialized, they can be valued on a farm or ranch,” says Jackie Carey, animal services manager.

To get a new mouse-catcher to feel at home at your farm or ranch, it helps to have a way to keep them confined to the barn area for a couple of weeks until they realize that this new place is a safe home.

For more information, call Georgetown Animal Shelter at (512) 930-3592 or email


Bauer the barn catMeet Bauer, the Barn Cat.  He lives on a farm with his family.  They feed him dry cat food every night.  The family’s barn is Bauer’s “territory” where no mouse, rat, snake, or any other varmint is allowed to trespass.  His human Daddy brags that Bauer can catch and kill an invading mouse in less than 30 seconds.  Although most barn cats do not care for the company of humans, Bauer loves his.  Coming into the house is something he will not do, but a good petting session is always welcome.  Barn cats can make great additions to the lives of farm families.

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