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Animal Shelter Garage Sale

Fall 2016 Garage Sale

This year the animal shelter will be hosting a community garage sale on Friday-Saturday, September 23-24, 2016, at the Community Center in San Gabriel Park.  Instead of taking donated items and selling them ourselves in the garage sale, we will be offering spots to people who want to sell their own items.

For about 17 years, Georgetown Animal Shelter has held one or sometimes two garage sales per year. For two months prior, we collected donations and then stored them in an empty building, most recently in the old City library.  Now the old library is going to be remodeled and turned into a new City Hall. Therefore we have had to think of a new plan for our garage sale.

So this year we decided to rent garage sale spots to the public, and we will just HOST the garage sale. The sale will be held September 23 and 24, with September 22 being the set up day.  The sale will be held in the air-conditioned Community Center in San Gabriel Park.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT at the Friends of the Georgetown Animal Shelter page: