2-year-old Gibbs is looking for someone to save his life. He was brought to the shelter by someone who said she found him in a ditch and kids were throwing rocks at him. Gibbs has not been treated kindly by many people and we are hoping to change that. He has come a long way since arriving at the shelter, but he needs a home to help him gain even more confidence.

Gibbs seems to love other dogs, and you can see him relax when he is around them. He walks perfectly on leash and loves treats. Once he trusts you, he’ll be your best friend and will even play!

Gibbs is not the kind of dog you leave alone in the yard or for long periods of time at home. Not every home will be a good fit. But if you think you might want to help this sweetheart, Gibbs will definitely be worth the extra work. Come visit the one-and-only Blue Leopard Pout-Faced Pooch today!