Georgetown Animal Shelter

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The Georgetown Animal Shelter collects donations to help support a number of animal rescue programs and to meet various operating expenses that they otherwise would not be able to afford.

You can donate to the Animal Shelter in a variety of ways:

  • Make a cash donation for the shelter to use for animal welfare. (Monetary donations are tax deductible.)
  • Become a member of the Friends of the Animal Shelter, or simply make a gift via credit card, at their site:
  • Volunteer your time.
  • Donate household items for the Shelter’s Annual Garage Sale (starting in February).
  • Bring your aluminum cans to the shelter, which turns them in to the recycling center for cash.
  • The Recycling Opportunities recycling center holds an account in the Shelter’s name, which can be credited when turning cans directly into the center. The center is located at 6920 RR 2338 (in the back of the building, and next door to Castlerock Pet Hospital). They are located 7 miles west of the Interstate on Williams Dr./RR 2338  – 2 miles past Sun City). Their hours are Monday through Friday 9am until 3:30pm and Saturday 10am til Noon. Ask that the donated cans be put on the Animal Shelter account.


Why Volunteer?

We’ve documented that the euthanasia rate drops when we have more volunteers to help take the animals out to the public at events like the Red Poppy Festival and the Georgetown Christmas Stroll. We have ideas we haven’t implemented because we don’t have enough people to put them into action.  Some programs have gotten bigger and need more people to support them.

How Donations Help

Some animals come to the Shelter injured by cars, diseased, or horribly abused. The Shelter uses your donations to pay for surgeries, medicines and care that otherwise are not part of the Shelter’s budget or abilities. Without your donations, these animals would not be given a second chance to live a long, happy life.

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