Find out what the City is doing to respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and what you can do.

Georgetown Animal Services

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Intake during COVID 19

The shelter is closed to walk-in traffic. Doors are locked during normal business hours to minimize the number of people in the shelter at any given time and to eliminate casual visitors.

If you have found a stray, instead of dropping off the animal at the shelter, please consider scanning the animal for a microchip, caring for the animal in your home, and posting on social media.  The shelter can scan for a microchip if you call first.  If you are not able to look after the animal, you will need to make an appointment to bring in the stray animal.  To make an appointment, call 512-930-3592 or email

Surrendered animals will be accepted only on an emergency basis to minimize the number of animals coming into the shelter.  If too many animals come in without an equal or greater number leaving, healthy cats and dogs will have to be euthanized. As always, the shelter accepts animals only from people that live within the city limits of Georgetown.  To make an appointment, call 512-930-3592 or email