Animal Control & Ordinances

Animal Control Officers are dispatched through the non-emergency police number: 512-930-3510 x 6.

This is only an overview of some of the animal ordinances.  All of the animal ordinances can be found online at Municode here – Title 7 Animals.

[accordion title=’Pet License’]All dogs and cats that are kept within the city limits are required to have a city license.  Proof of a valid rabies vaccination is required to purchase a city license. The city license is $5.00 for a pet that is spayed/neutered and $20 for a pet that is intact, and it is valid for 1 year.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Multiple Pet Permit’]Any person owning more than 5 dogs and/or cats is required to have a multiple pet permit.  To qualify for the permit all pets must be spayed/neutered and have current city licenses. Upon inspection of the premises by the Animal Services Department and payment of the $25.00 fee, the permit is issued for 1 year.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Chaining or Tethering’]It is against city ordinance to chain or tether a dog with any restraint unless the person is holding the restraint.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Animals at Large’]It is against city ordinance for a dog to run at large.  It is against city ordinance for a cat that has not been altered or vaccinated for rabies to run at large.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Hens’]Hens are allowed in the city limits (unless not allowed by HOA), not to exceed 8 hens. A coop is required and must be located at least 20 feet of the private residence of another. The hens must be contained within the owner’s backyard.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Nuisances’]You may not allow an animal to damage, soil, defile or defecate on private property other than the owner’s property. You may not allow pet food to remain outside unattended for an extended period of time so as to attract nuisance animals. Free roaming cats that cause a nuisance while off the premises of their owners are in violation of City Code and can be impounded or their owners can be fined for a code violation.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’2nd Impoundment’]Any person owning a dog or cat that is not spayed/neutered and is impounded for a second time within an 18 month period will not be allowed to reclaim that animal until they pay a veterinarian to spay/neuter that animal.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Definition of Dangerous Dog’]A dog that makes an unprovoked attack on a person and causes bodily injury and that occurs in a place other than an enclosure in which the dog is being kept can be deemed as dangerous.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Definition of Aggressive Dog’]An at large dog that is found to menace or chase, or displays threatening behavior can be deemed as aggressive – level 1.

An at large dog that causes a severe injury to any domestic animal or livestock (except poultry) can be deemed as aggressive – level 2.

An at large dog that kills or causes the death of any domestic animal or livestock (except poultry) can be deemed as aggressive – level 3.[/accordion]

[accordion title=’Required Care for Pets’]State law and City Code require people with animals in their care to provide them with adequate food and water and with adequate shelter from the elements as well as any other care that is required to prevent suffering or other health problems for the animals. Failure to provide these things is a violation of the law.

Leaving a pet unattended inside a vehicle for even a short time can be a life threatening danger to a pet and may well be illegal depending upon weather conditions. Please leave pets at home whenever possible.

Any person who provides food, water and or shelter for a cat or dog for 10 days is considered legally responsible for the animal and its actions whether they claim ownership or not.

All cats and dogs in the State of Texas are required by law to be vaccinated against Rabies Virus every year, once they become 3 months of age.[/accordion]


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