Volunteer Corner

Volunteer of the Month: Bonnie Beauchamp

Bonnie has been volunteering at the Georgetown Animal Shelter for about a year. She first came in with a friend to donate items after the death of her beloved dog. That very day, Bonnie fell in love with the cats, and she attended the next Volunteer Training meeting.

Mary Treuter, one of the shelter’s seasoned volunteers and cat lover, took Bonnie under her wing to mentor her in the care and love of cats and kittens. Mary and Bonnie are currently working on a system in which information about the care of specific cats and kittens is communicated from volunteer to volunteer and also to the staff.  Bonnie’s duties include cleaning cat kennels, socializing cats/kittens, cleaning kennels when the shelter is closed for holidays, transferring cats/kittens to and from Petsmart for adoption, and constantly trying to find ways to give the shelter’s animals more exposure to the public for adoption.  

Thank you, Bonnie, for all you do.